About the SaveEC database

SaveEC.ca maintains a searchable database of Canadian environmental news, opinions and reports. Search is provided through the use of a database cache, just like google. There are already over 1000 searchable entries.

You can search the database using the search form on the sidebar. For better control, try using the advanced search. If there are ways we can improve search for you, please send us an email at saveec@saveec.ca.

How you can help

This site is community-powered, and we need your help to build the database. It's easy: When you come across an article of interest, just submit it via this online form. The next time you need to recall that article, it will only be a search away.

By submitting articles to the database you support our efforts to bring attention to Canadian environmental issues by:

  • Bringing emerging issues to our attention;
  • Helping researchers who use this site find something important; and
  • Sharing the load.

Interested in volunteering?

SaveEC.ca is run by volunteers, and we appreciate contributions both great and small.

Ways you can contribute are described here.