Stephen Harper, build a carbon market now

By Stephane Dion/National Post, Sat Feb 3 (2007)

Closure of Experimental Lakes Area part of assault on science: Scharper

Pioneering Canadian contribution to global environmental science could be silenced.

By Stephen Bede Scharper/The Star, Mon Mar 25 (2013)

Canada's renowned freshwater research site to close

Budget fall-out hits environmental research stations.

By Hannah Hoag/Nature, Mon May 21 (2012)

When scientists become activists

By Diane Peters/University Affairs, Wed Nov 13 (2013)

Extended Interview with David Schindler

An extended interview with David Schindler on Environmental Assessment, the tar sands and more.

By Stephen Bocking/Alternatives Journal, Sat Sep 1 (2012)

Troubled Waters

By Peter Andrey Smith/The Walrus, Mon Jul 1 (2013)

Dr. David Schindler's parting thoughts on a life of science

By David Schindler/University of Alberta, Tue Oct 29 (2013)

Conservative government censored memo on environmental group

By Mike De Souza/The Star, Wed Jul 23 (2014)

Editorial: Science in retreat

Canada has been scientifically healthy. Not so its government.

Nature, Fri Feb 21 (2014)

Your summer UV, ozone layer forecast

Summer UV levels linked to winter's polar vortex

By Emily Chung/CBC News, Fri Jun 20 (2014)

Canadian Fracking Lacks Credible Groundwater Monitoring: Expert

By Andrew Nikoforuk/The Tyee, Wed Jun 4 (2014)

Understanding Harper's Evangelical Mission

By Andrew Nikiforuk/The Tyee, Mon Mar 26 (2012)

Conservatives’ budget cuts worry most government scientists: Survey

By Kate Allen/The Star, Thu Feb 6 (2014)

Across Canada, scientists are aghast at cuts that seem certain to end many research programs

By Margaret Munro/Postmedia, Mon Jul 9 (2012)