Information Commissioner to investigate Harper Government over Muzzling

BIG NEWS: Canada's Information Commissioner will be investigating the Harper Government over reports that it has been muzzling its scientists.

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Changes to weather site are one more step toward dismantling EC

It is now two weeks since the federal government removed Environment Canada's logo from weather.gc.ca. Most of the commentaries so far have missed the point. The changes were not made primarily to give more space for Conservative Action Plan ads (although they do), but were more likely intended to further marginalize Environment Canada so that it will be even easier to dismantle.

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Stuff Michelle Rempel says

Environment Secretary Michelle Rempel has been defending the Harper government against charges that it is muzzling scientists. She does not deny the allegations, but instead makes a variety of spurious assertions while claiming to be "optimistic" about the investigation's outcome.

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For fear of librarians

LAC staff muzzled because Harper has something to hide

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How muzzling paves the way for dismantling EC and DFO

Here is another case of muzzling by the Harper government that the Information Commissioner can add to her investigation. In February, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) introduced a new policy allowing its managers to suppress scientific publishing. DFO's US-based collaborators rejected the policy outright as an "affront". DFO scientists, naturally, couldn't comment.

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